Painted kitchen cabinetry is back. The concept didn’t necessarily lose its popularity, but rather was somehow relegated to an easy and inexpensive method of changing a room’s look. The idea that painting cabinets is an incredibly flexible way of finding design freedom, seems to be catching on again. Hand-painted custom cabinetry seems to have been set aside in favor of a standard selection of factory finishes, designed for mass appeal.

DESIGN BY Humphrey's Kitchen & Bath Design Center PHOTOGRAPHY BY Diane Anton

DESIGN BY Humphrey’s Kitchen & Bath Design Center

Jerry Lawler, of Humphrey’s Kitchen & Bath Design Center, agreed when describing a recent project at a home in Little Compton, RI.  He quickly realized that painted custom cabinets were the perfect cost-effective design solution for this open floor-plan ranch renovation.

“The custom option was perfect for the layout of this kitchen remodel,” said Lawler. “Because the homeowner wanted an open floor plan, we had to work to maximize space while creating a layout that was not only functional, but visually appealing from both the front and side entrances.”

The result was a new kitchen with optimal storage and minimized sightline of appliances. Humphrey’s designed the layout and supplied the cabinetry and the homeowners painted the cabinets themselves as a means of keeping the project on budget. Unlike a factory finish, the color can easily be changed in the future and touch ups are as easy as opening a can of paint.

Although the homeowners chose white for the cabinets on this project, Kerry Topalian, marketing director for Humphrey’s, suggests the idea of using a “culinary palette” in the kitchen based on both overall regional lifestyles and how a homeowner lives. Topalian’s concept is simple, but inspired.

“As personal preferences influence individual style, why shouldn’t regional foods and lifestyles influence kitchen design?” she asked. “Southern New England, with its proximity to the sea, is the perfect inspiration for a culinary palette that reflects regional cuisine and easy seaside living,” she said, adding “That concept easily transfers to any area and lifestyle and can become (with just a bit of paint) a true reflection of where and how you choose to live.