When it came to renovating their existing kitchen and bath, the homeowners of this serene Jamestown, R.I. property looked no further than Lifestyle Designs of Newport to create an open, comfortable living area with a single purpose: to entertain. Partners Ramona Rodger and Barry Gano of Lifestyle Designs took the lead from start to finish and, with collaboration from the homeowners, dreamt up the expert blend of traditional style and contemporary accents.

Photography by Chris Vaccaro Design & Build: Lifestyle Designs

Photography by Chris Vaccaro
Design & Build: Lifestyle Designs

The homeowners, Jamestown residents for over 25 years, had recently downsized to this property – a move meant to ready the couple for retirement and to accommodate their desire for a more spacious kitchen-dining-family room layout, with the added bonus of a master bath.

“The kitchen and master bath are traditional in style,” says Rodger, “with a serene, refined eye toward color and accessories.” The kitchen, a combination of warm yellows and creams, brings in a lot of natural light and now flows seamlessly into the exposed dining and living areas. The center island serves as a work-station and foundation piece for the rest of the room. Large pieces of marble are dominant and surround the cabinetry with just the slightest hint of color. Double sinks, provided for dual cooking and cleanup purposes, are one of the homeowner’s favorite features. “We knew just by being in the kitchen that having two full sinks was very convenient,” says the homeowner. Another great feature is the induction cook top: “It’s responsive, heats in rapid time and is safe,” says the homeowner.

Also avid gardeners, the homeowners were looking for an easy passageway from the kitchen to the outside garden – access that was both visual and physical. The remodeled space allows for just that and overall, the homeowners couldn’t be happier. “The way we can be in the kitchen and still have a great time, either with ourselves or a little party, is great.”

Aside from opening up their main living area, the homeowners wanted their addition to include a master bath, meant to serve as a peaceful retreat. “The master bath is a cool retreat in pale greens and blues, inviting and restful,” says Rodger. The sea-inspired palette is tranquil; dotted tile, the prevalence of marble and minimal accessories create a fresh look emphasized with the use of crisp white fixtures throughout.

And as with most home interior renovations, the physical property location played a major role in the redesign. “This site,” says Rodger, “combines the benefits of living near the center of Jamestown with several natural features, such as a small stream and mature trees, and whose privacy is enhanced with the location of the addition and the thoughtful landscaping around the home.”

“Melding the old with the new is sometimes a challenge, but the changes to this house were well considered and tie everything together to the best use for the clients,” says Rodger.

After being displaced from their home for about a year during renovations, the homeowners said walking through their front door into their new cheap designer space truly felt “like coming home…just perfect.”