Niraj and Jill Shah were hardly novices to renovations. So they didn’t require an architect when they decided to remodel their summer house in Osterville. Although the renovation tacked on 2,000 square feet, the Shah’s were focused more on “better” than “bigger.” Simply, they wanted a home that was more suited for entertaining on weekends.

Photography by Amber Barricman Appliances Sourced from: KAM Appliances

Photography by Amber Barricman
Appliances Sourced from: KAM Appliances

“We lived in the house for a year to get an idea of how we would use the space, and that drove the enhancement. We entertain quite a bit in the summer, and we wanted to open up the house and make it more cohesive,” Jill said.

For a project that featured expansion of the kitchen, the creation of a butler’s pantry, a new outside kitchen in an enclosed porch and a new laundry room, the Shah’s turned to KAM Appliances in Hyannis and to builder Adam Hostetter of Hostetter Homes in Osterville.

Perhaps the two most important areas in the project were the kitchen and the outside porch. Both spaces needed to be expanded and refined.

The kitchen was previously secluded from the dining room. The space was opened up by removing a wall and creating a butler’s pantry. With that, entertaining became a whole lot easier. The kitchen’s signature piece is a distinctive 11-foot-by-4-foot walnut center island that’s quickly become a gathering spot for friends and family. Of particular interest is the island’s maple drawers and storage areas, which are painted in Shah blue. Yes, the color was created by Jill, and the paint company liked it so much they named it after her and began selling it. It’s a combination of bright robin’s egg blue and light teal, resulting in the look of the waters in the Caribbean.

With help from KAM Appliances, the kitchen was outfitted with a 36-inch Viking gas range (featuring a built-in griddle ideal for preparing breakfast foods), and a Viking refrigerator with custom wood-paneling. Hidden by custom cabinetry or as part of the butler’s pantry are two ice makers, two wine coolers holding more than 100 bottles and two dishwashers.

“We often provide ideas for the customer. We help them realize the potential of these appliances and whether it’s right in their home,” said KAM’s Dave Murray. “Everything is designed and built for convenience. We provide appliances that help the customers enjoy their home.”

A farmer’s sink is framed by Carrera marble countertops, while the circular glass table with the corner window bench has become a favored breakfast spot. On the nearby mirror, arriving guests often find the weather report, the tides and the times for sunrise and sunset jotted down, courtesy of Jill watches.

The laundry room, just off the kitchen, features a colorful wallpaper menagerie of shirts, hats, pants and socks, bringing a smile to your face as you load two sets of washers and dryers purchased from KAM. “It struck me as being very beautiful and very whimsical at the same time,” Jill said. Bright green built-in cabinetry was added to keep clutter to a minimum.

Summertime usually finds the Shah’s entertaining in the enclosed porch, where four large screened windows allow for cool breezes and views to the patio and pool. A brick fireplace, with a built-in space for a 30-inch Viking gas grille with a coordinating hood fan, comes in handy during spring and fall. A circular table seats eight, and the turntable centerpiece is ideal for passing around the hot dogs, burgers and corn on the cob. What was a slab of concrete now has mahogany flooring, a gorgeous bead-board ceiling and French doors on both sides.

“It’s the perfect spot, whether people are popping over or invited guests are here for the weekend,” Jill says. “The screened porch is essentially where we live all summer.”