A Touch of Glam

Decorating this brand-new, beachside summer home near a popular bike path posed a challenge for interior designer and Pastiche of Cape Cod owner Irina MacPhee:  How to accommodate the New York family’s relaxed, away-from-the-city lifestyle while incorporating what Irina calls “a touch of glam” that would remind them of home. Four children and a large extended family that visits often dictated that the house be user-friendly, yet the wife, in Irina’s words, is “a fleur-de-lis type” with an appreciation for sumptuous fabrics and traditional patterns. All that the husband really wanted was a comfortable chair . . . not so easy for a man of his stature.


Photography by Dan Cutrona
Interior Design: Irina MacPhee of Pastiche Cape Cod, Inc.

An over-sized chair is the starting point

Interior design projects often start with an inspiration; it might be a flower or a song, a certain cherished object, or a favorite color, and spin off from there. In this case, it was a chair for what Irina calls the “Godfather Room” that set the tone, not only for that room but also for the entire house. The oversized, tufted leather club chair, which turned out to be the most comfortable chair the over six-foot-tall homeowner had ever sat in, sparked something of a chain reaction: chocolate herringbone wallpaper complemented the seating and led to herringbone window treatments. The fun tassel trim of the window treatments was a touch of glam in that room that would be echoed in different ways throughout the house. In their New York home, which Irina visited in order to get a feel for her client’s taste and habits, there was only one chair the man of the house was comfortable sitting in.  This one, which he calls “the greatest chair ever made,” sits in a grouping with three others just like it.  In the center, a handsome alligator ottoman serves as a table. Says Irina:  “I wanted it to feel like a men’s cigar club, a place where they’d come to drink scotch.”

Irina carries the signature touch of glam throughout the house’s three full floors (on the fourth, lowest level are a home theater, a gym and a family room), always mindful to use fabrics, sometimes Teflon-coated, and materials that not only replica watches fit the family’s active lifestyle but also have an element of sophistication, like a fabric with sparkles that she used for the great room’s window treatments.  Similarly, the wife wanted the master bedroom to “be like the Ritz,” says Irina, and to make them feel pampered as only luxury vacations and hotels can do. “I don’t skimp on the fabric,” says Irina, explaining that in the master bedroom she used a monochromatic silk diamond pattern with a soft sheen. “Luscious and soothing” is how she describes it. Mercury glass lamps add a little bit of sparkle, too.

A lot of luxury with a masculine hint

A glass-topped desk in the husband’s office gives the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. What the room lacks in size, it makes up for in form and function. Irina swathed the walls in steel-colored, ostrich wallpaper and chose chocolate-and-silver striped window treatments. The curve of the slim-silhouette club chairs here is repeated by the curved arms of the extra-deep sofas in the great room. In the two rooms, distinctive nail head trim on the furniture is one of those “little details that make a big difference,” Irina points out, also noting the sparkle cast by silver leaf used in both a hallway mirror and chandelier.

Subtly seaside

The house has a breathtaking view of the ocean, and to bring the feel of the outdoors in, sea foam-blue grass cloth wallpaper was used on a coffered ceiling that extends over the living and dining areas. The sparkle in the great room’s window treatments mimics the sun twinkling on the surface of the ocean. Coral-motif wallpaperand a sea foam green, coral-patterned fabric on the dining room chairs are other subtle reminders of the coastal setting.  An interesting contrast to the elegant chairs, the dining room table of forgiving distressed oak (“Reminiscent of an antique English sideboard,” says Irina) invites the extended family to congregate around it.  Happiest when sharing time together, the family can count on memories being made in this house, whether it’s around the dining table, in the bright, sunny kitchen cooking and conversing, spilling out onto the patio, and, last but not least, in the third-floor family room. A two-toned, whimsical chest at the top of the stairs swiss replica watches on the third floor doesn’t hold formal lines as one might expect, rather the family’s favorite games, just waiting for young and old to pull them out and play together.


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