Nautique’s Marsha Malone fills a vacation home with color and custom furniture.

  • The dining table, from the Sail Loft Collection at Nautique, is large enough for the homeowner’s extended family to gather around. Vintage bathing beauty decor adds a whimsical note to this vacation home.

By Lisa Cavanaugh • Photography by Dan Cutrona • Interior Design: Nautique

We get up in the morning and one of us will say to the other, ‘I just love this place,’” exclaims Randi, who owns a delightful ocean-inspired home in Brewster with her husband, Jay. “Marsha just listened so well to what we wanted, and she truly made it happen.”

Marsha Malone is the designer, owner and driving force behind Nautique, a unique home interiors shop on Route 6A in Brewster. Her forte is providing every aspect of a client’s design needs—from wall coverings and fabric to furniture, lighting and rugs. Among Nautique’s custom-crafted furniture lines is the Sail Loft Collection, which uses reclaimed wood from antique barns and other buildings. Malone appreciates how the wood seems to tell stories of its past. “The nicks, holes, marks and striations—they are all part of the inherent beauty of the wood,” she says.

“Come in, take your shoes off and relax”
is what Randi feels
whenever they arrive.
The circular game table is a Nautique Vintage piece that is well-used in this family-friendly home.

The circular game table is a Nautique Vintage piece that is well-used in this family-friendly home.

This kind of connection to the past has also inspired Malone’s newest furniture line—Nautique Vintage. Essentially an offshoot of Sail Loft, the pieces begin as vintage furniture and are transformed with repurposed wood and then finished to fit the design scheme of the project. Everything Malone creates is custom designed with each specific client in mind.

The Sail Loft Collection is well featured in Randi and Jay’s home; their driftwood-toned master bed, the large and homey dining table, charming bookcases and innovative nightstands are all from that line. The circular game table that is a favorite of the couple’s daughters is a Nautique Vintage piece. Malone and her craftsmen took an old table’s pedestal, added reclaimed wood as a top and finished it with a white-wash and a jaunty blue border.

Its fun and relaxed look is exactly what the homeowners wanted for their entire house. They live year-round in Dallas but have longstanding ties to the Cape, and the kids’ grandparents live just a mile away. The couple wanted this vacation home to be a gathering place for all the cousins, nephews and nieces, so they needed a family-friendly space that also felt restful.

Randi had a vision of what she wanted: reminiscent of the beach without being too literal. She didn’t know how she was going to pull off a long-distance décor project until she met Malone. She had long admired the Adirondack chairs painted in different colors that sit invitingly in front of Nautique, and once she stepped inside she knew she had found a designer who could make her dream a reality. Together, they started with a fabric—a wavy blue and green pattern—that provided the inspiration for the rest of the house. This fabric covers not only two comfy chairs in the living room but also two square ottomans that can be cleverly tucked under the front foyer table (also a Sail Loft piece). Throughout the home, these blues and greens of the sea complement the woods and finishes of the Sail Loft furniture or are the basis for the exquisite upholstered collection that Nautique also offers.

Malone chose nearly all of the wall coverings and paint for the home: and a visitor delights in the whimsy of sea-creature wallpaper in the downstairs powder room, sailboat graphics in the kitchen and the gentle patterns of kelp in an upstairs bath. The muted tones of the first floor give way to a more robust navy in the second-level billiard room, which also sports a cross-hatch textured wall covering that suggests nautical ropes. Lighthearted elements in a vintage bathing beauty motif adorn the walls and shelves, and there are splashes of dark red, most notably on a Nautique-crafted mirror. Sail Loft collection furniture in the space includes a bar table and two matching chairs. To complete the look, a pool table is covered in a soft blue felt.

In its entirety the home sends out a cheery welcome. “Come in, take your shoes off and relax” is what Randi feels whenever they arrive. Here they can experience sophistication mixed with fun, and the comprehensive design elements from Nautique pull it all together.