Beach House

On the hunt for a truly beach-inspired shop with classic, resourceful elements, Sally Dwyer opened her own retail retreat on Aquidneck Island in 1997. At the Beach House Newport, formerly known as Watercolours, it’s always a day at the Beach.

Products Available at Beach House Newport

Products Available at Beach House Newport

An interior designer, Dwyer was inspired greatly by the ocean and the soothing and tranquil respite it offers. By buying pieces that she herself loves, and those that work well together, Dwyer has created quite a storefront for the sea-minded. “We’re very specific in our focus,”she says. “We’re coastal, but not ‘trendy’coastal.”Enter classic: a timeless, traditional look that will endure well beyond the summer season –a mix of old and new that appeals to a cross-generational client list with product looks that don’t expire.

Perfect for tourists and residents, and second and third home buyers, Beach House Newport is equipped to provide both whole-house décor and individual home accents; Dwyer can assist in creating an entire mantelpiece or coffee table look, or simply suggest the appropriate candle for a dining space.

Known for her commitment to customer service and her philanthropy work in support of local causes, Dwyer sees a lot of repeat customers that trust the brands she markets –many of which are created by local artisans themselves –including photography on canvas, handmade oil lamps made of deck and beach stones and whimsical pieces of art.

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