What, if anything, does your front door say about you? Homeowners who buy screen/storm doors from Seaport Shutter Company in Brewster have the option to make their entrance as personalized as they desire. These special custom made mahogany doors are available with screen inserts for the summer months and easily convert to year-round doors with tempered storm glass inserts. The doors are available in five basic designs. The most popular is the “circle style” door. This door accommodates a custom applique or a custom cutout design of your choice.

Seaport shutter_bluefin tuna_barricman

The homeowner’s deep connection to fishing is reflected in the custom bluefish screen door cutout.

Some people choose to add an applique gilded in gold leaf, silver leaf or painted in any custom color. On the Cape, the most popular appliques range from scallop shells and striped bass to starfish and maps of Cape Cod. There are many non-nautical options as well including pineapples, ladybugs, and shamrocks. Custom cutouts, also available in dozens of styles, are another whimsical option that can highlight a special meaning. For the customers who want to pinpoint a special location, Seaport Shutter offers hand carved navigational coordinates among other carvings.

Something fishy

West Barnstable resident Mike Batta and his wife Leasha are decorating their home in a comfortable Cape Cod fishing theme. Batta is a manufacturer’s rep for New England tackle shops and has his captain’s license. Bluefin tuna is a big part of his fishery, so he and his wife decided to have a cutout of a Bluefin tuna on their front door.

“We wanted to make a statement,” Batta said. “I love wooden doors and I love screen doors. Every time I looked at Seaport storm doors, I kind of drooled.”
The Battas house is sided with cedar shingles and has a gray clapboard front. They chose to have the door painted in a warm buttery yellow color that really pops against the front of their house.

Seaport Shutter_dragonfly door cutout_barricman

The dragonfly cutout reminds the homeowner of a cherished sibling.

Brenda-Lyn Aylward lives on the beach in Dennisport. She bought two white doors with dragonfly cutouts for her home. The dragonflies are in memory of her younger brother, who died at the age of 39. At his memorial service, a cousin read a eulogy on dragonflies and the transition from life to death.

Her brother wanted a barbecue celebration of his life, so Aylward waited until the end of summer to schedule one. On the day of the barbecue, swarms of dragonflies appeared on the nearby path to the beach and then flew over to her deck to pause for a minute before flying away.

“Once in a while I’d see a dragonfly, but I’ve never seen anything like this,” Aylward said. “It just really touched me and it stayed with me and now anytime I see a dragonfly I talk to my brother.”

Honoring the past

Part-time resident Ann Meyers also chose to have a tribute cutout on the front door of the family home she owns with her husband Kurt and sister Molly Hess. They inherited the home from her parents and the whole family was avid sailors. They decided on a custom cutout of her father’s schooner, the Florence Oakland, for the front door since everyone in her family is avid sailors.

Seaport shutter_sailboat_barricman

The homeowners are reminded of childhood summers on their father’s boat with the custom screen door cutout.

“That boat was his cherished possession,” Meyers said. “Every time I look at the door I think about my parents and the times we spent with them on the Cape. Those were good summers.”

Meyers has a red front door, so she decided to keep the screen/storm door a varnished mahogany to set off the design.


Seaport shutter_door coodinates_barricman

This screen door has the coordinates of the island location where the homeowners got married.

Matrimonial memories

Kim Carpenter and her husband Ed Cunha chose a very special memory for Seaport Shutter to carve on their screen door for their Chatham home. The couple had both been previously married and had two children each. For their wedding they wanted to have a private ceremony that just included the six of them, a justice of the peace and a photographer. A boat captain dropped them off on the South Beach tip at low tide and returned an hour later to pick them up.

“Since [that location is] only there at low tide, we thought it would be kind of neat to put the coordinates as the place we were married on the marriage certificate,” Carpenter said.

Those same coordinates are now carved in their front door. They chose a deep hydrangea blue paint color that was a predominant color of the wedding and a star separates the latitude and longitude.

“Every time I walk in the door, it will be a reminder of that beautiful day,” she said. “It seemed like a very special kind of thing to do.”

Seaport Shutter Company…building doors and memories.

Written by:  Laurie Higgins
Photography by: Amber Jane Barricman
Screen Doors: Seaport Shutter

Article published in 2013-14 annual issue.

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