Antiques & Reproductions

Miscellany to Masterpiece

POSTED: November 13th 2015

With abundant imagination, Kevin Travers creates art from untraditional materials. Read more Click here to read more.

An “Electro Beat Junkie"
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A Family Homestead

POSTED: October 4th 2013

Built on land owned by their family for more than 400 years, the summer home of Ron and Jane Bogle is now a part of the neighboring family homestead. “Pagoo’s Cottage,” as the family has dubbed it, is named after the hermit crab in Holling C. Holling children’s book, Pagoo, a family favorite. ARCHITECT Greg Yalanis,AIA CONSTRUCTION BY Ross Construction STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING BY Port City Consulting KITCHEN APPLIANCES BY Gil's Appliances PHOTOGRAPHED BY Diane Anton Just down the road from “Pagoo’s Cottage” is Briggs Beach, the family beach where the Bogles have enjoyed summers for generations. Much as Ron’s parents enjoying watching him play in the water as a boy Click here to read more.

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Special Treatment

POSTED: October 3rd 2013

She paints with patterns and prioritizes texture. Her creations can enliven spaces, or simply soften them. Whether the goal is to add luxury, encourage comfort, lend formality or some combination in between, she is always mindful of fabric design’s endless creative possibilities. [caption id="attachment_168" align="alignnone" width="720"] Bess Walker covered the chairs flanking the fireplace, the homeowners' family pieces, with coordinating fabrics.[/caption] ‘What feels right’ Bess Walker is an interior decorator who specializes in textiles. Her showroom, Walker Interiors, in Middletown, Rhode Island, is home to an extensive library of fabrics, carpets, wallpapers, and trims. “ Click here to read more.

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