As a general rule of thumb, infinity pools are built near the ocean or a lake, producing a seamless, soothing transition toward the bodies of water. But as this spectacular pool in Hollis, N.H. clearly shows, an infinity pool can be designed in a wooded area, with no water in sight, and look equally stunning. Created by South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, this hilltop pool flows into the tips of the trees, providing a dazzling panorama of the surrounding countryside.

Design &Build: South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas

Design &Build: South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas

Infinity pools have been the rage for some time. The vanishing edge feature offers the illusion in that the water is pouring over the edge of the pool into another body of water or down a hillside. The design first appeared in Europe more than 100 years ago but didn’t find its way to the United States until the 1950s. Infinity pools began increasing in popularity in the U.S. in the 1990s.

South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, which was founded by owner Robert Guarino in 1975 and services all of New England, is known for its ability to fashion pools in a variety of geometric patterns due to the use of gunite, which is denser than poured concrete and allows for greater flexibility in shapes and sizes. Nearly 70 photos of infinity pools, all with diverse designs, are featured on the company’s web site, where customers are encouraged to think outside the box. While today’s pools are generally smaller in size, no longer fitting into the previously standard rectangular shape, they are more elaborate in terms of style and scope. Whatever funky curves a customer imagines can be created. Customers are aided in the process by modern technology; they can view 3-D images online, take a look at an artist’s rendering, or even take advantage of digital imaging to see what their pool will look like at any hour of the day or night or from any vantage point, including from the air.

The pool in the New Hampshire hillside includes an accompanying hot tub that was built to overlook the pool. Both are oval shaped with the open ends facing the horizon. A bluestone deck completes a truly dramatic setting.

A full-service company, South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas works with customers throughout the process, and also provides ponds and waterscapes, decking renovations and materials, remodeling and other landscaping services.