Luxurious Lighting is all about Layering

Without multiple layers of lighting elements, the most stunning décor can easily fall flat. Consider a large great room where the only light source is recessed ceiling lights. The fake watches room may be bright enough but with all illumination coming from above, it can tend to feel cold. Relying solely on ceiling lighting can create a sense that it’s just not a room where you want to spend time.

It’s all about layers

With more than 60 years of experience, Crown Supply, with its 30,000 square-foot showroom in Providence, RI, and another newer location in Milford, MA, understands just how important lighting selections are when it comes to making spaces feel both welcoming and functional. Their designers work with contractors and homeowners in providing lighting plans to complement any home’s décor.


Products sourced from Crown Supply

“The light fixture is more than just a glow; it works together with your décor to create your own individualized style and taste,” says Abby Leavitt, a lighting specialist at Crown Supply.

So if you’re going for a beach cottage look in your living room, Leavitt and her crew will help steer you toward pieces that enhance the feel. Perhaps a handful of table lamps in pastel hues with linen shades to give seating areas warm pools of light to start. Adding wall sconces with clean lines and a brushed metal finish will open up the room by highlighting the walls and then some simple ceiling lighting to make the ceiling feel higher and offer consistent lighting throughout the space. For the homeowner who considers art an important element of their rooms, there’s always individual gallery-style lights, but also many ways to direct soft lighting down for the ceiling to bring out your artwork’s best.

Even in kitchens and bathrooms, the more functional spaces in our homes, layered lighting is crucial. Today’s kitchens are frequently the rooms where we choose to entertain. While there’s a clear need for task lighting, homeowners still want the space to feel warm and the light to be flattering. Pendant lighting operated with a dimmer switch gives a great glow over kitchen islands and dining tables.

“Layers of lighting can really accessorize your room with both function and by adding ambiance,” says Leavitt.

Green is getting downright stylish

Thankfully, memories of early energy-efficient light bulbs are becoming just that; memories. Fluorescent bulbs have come a long way, managing to get away from that unflattering, well, green light they were known for. Newer options of these bulbs are much warmer and many are available at Crown Supply.

Another eco-friendly option that’s recently expanded is LED lighting. “LED lighting has expanded from directional lighting to include ambient lighting as well,” says Leavitt.

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are what give alarm clocks that soft glow. The energy-saving technology is now available in options such as under cabinet lighting, recessed task lighting, even lamps at Crown Supply. LED lighting is also a fantastic choice when it comes to illuminating outdoor spaces. They’re an energy-efficient way to guide guests up a walkway or add a soft glow to any outdoor room for evening entertaining.

“LED is now saving us money in our homes as well as saving energy and the earth for today and replica watches for future generations,” say Leavitt.

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