New collections for the home continue to spread joy.

By Stacey Marcus | Photography courtesy of Marimekko

Ever since I fell madly in love with Marimekko’s Unikko design in college, I have questioned the character of anyone who can resist the bold flower power of the iconic pattern. When my own daughter selected a duvet cover displaying the cheery red poppies, my heart merrily skipped a beat.

“Marimekko’s timeless message brings joy into everyday life,” says Petri Juslin, who was at Marimekko’s Newbury Street store for Boston Design Week last spring. He provided an in-depth look at how hand printing influenced pattern design in the 1950s and ‘60s, and how today’s designers are carrying on the tradition. Juslin heads the Marimekko Artwork Studio and has spent 30 years working closely with more than 150 print designers and over 1,000 print designs.


A look from the Fall/Winter 2016 Marimekko interior collection, featuring the Kumiseva tray, Pieni Unikko cushion cover, Oiva ceramic spoons, Oiva Bowl, Oiva Plate, Flower vase and Oiva mug.

“When Marimekko was founded in Finland, in 1951, it was one of the first lifestyle brands in the world,” says Marimekko’s creative director, Anna Teurnell. “[With our bold prints and colors], we want to empower people in their daily lives and encourage them to turn their homes into a source of inspiration and means of self-expression.”

Juslin shared the back story of Erja Hirvi’s popular Lumimarja print, created in 2004. The designer originally crumpled her drawings of the low-growing shrub and tossed them in the wastebasket. Juslin retrieved them, suggesting Hirvi salvage the sketches and add berries to the branches. What is it about a Marimekko design that makes it timeless? “It is not perfect. It is a little organic and there is something handmade and surprising about Marimekko designs,” notes Juslin.

The Fall / Winter 2016 home collections both celebrate new designs and colors and reimagine favorites in sumptuous textures and hues. Whether you are a fan of florals or patterns, black and white or bold, rich colors, Marimekko’s new line has something to offer. The home collection pairs functionalism with fantasy. The line features furry pillow covers, futuristic vases and an array of abstract patterns in bright jewel tones and vintage patterns in more muted tones from Marimekko design icons Oiva Toikka, Maija Isola and Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi.

Marimekko enthusiasts will also delight in a sprinkling of new pieces in the tableware line, including candlesticks, a serving dish with a removable leather handle, and an expansion of the vase collection into a range of warm, seasonal colors that complement holiday décor. The collection also includes new additions to the Siirtolapuutaraha (city garden) ceramic dishware range and two new fabrics.

As we bid adieu to summer and welcome the crisp days of fall, be on the lookout for soft tones of brown, gray and blue alongside interesting textures, such as wool blankets and faux fur cushions. Winter will welcome warmer red and green tones with splashes of pink. Katsuji Wakisaka’s iconic Kumiseva (Booming Town) and Maija Isola’s Kuusikossa (Christmas Tree) prints are available on everything from duvet covers and blankets to serving trays and floor cushions to spread the everlasting sunny spirit of the season of Marimekko.


A look from the Fall/Winter 2016 Marimekko interior collection, featuring the Oiva/Rasymatto bowl, OIva/Rasymatto deep plate, Sukat Makkaralla flower vase and Oiva/ Koppa serving dish.