It isn’t often that a view is so expansive and grand that it doubles as the artwork, but in the case of Dr. Kenneth Lawton’s skyline condo this rings true.

“The views inspire conversation and the design inside my home furthers it,” says Lawton, who owns a condo overlooking Boston Harbor. While Lawton had the priceless views and raw space at his fingertips, he still needed someone with a talented eye to turn the newly renovated condo into a home for relaxing and entertaining. Fortuitously, he had been friends with interior designer Michael Barnum, of Barnum + Company for years and the pair worked closely together on the design.

Photography by Lisa Voll and Courtesy of Michael Barnum Studio Interior Design: Barnum + Co.

Photography by Lisa Voll and Courtesy of Michael Barnum Studio
Interior Design: Barnum + Co.

Urban sleek meets livable comfort

The homeowner desired a metropolitan look with a modern feel, while also retaining a sense of comfort and place. As Lawton spends most of his time in the living area and kitchen, he wanted the rooms to  flow seamlessly into one another. He can easily entertain guests from the open kitchen as he prepares drinks or dinner. A large closet was removed in the entry foyer to enlarge the kitchen and a new black granite island made the space more open and conducive for mingling.

“The most important thing for me in the design was to have an elegant place to swiss replica watches entertain but also a comfortable place for me to live,” says Lawton, who often hosts dinners and cocktail parties. As it isn’t a large space, Barnum embarked on creatively making the most of the square feet, allowing textures and tonal colors to carry the design with the exception of statement-making midnight blue and dark chocolate accents.

Working with a few existing pieces, Barnum streamlined the condo using straighter lines and smaller scale furniture while still maintaining a comfortable environment. “For me, it’s always about the mix,” says the designer. “Different periods and combinations make a space unique, personal and interesting for both clients and their guests.” In the Lawton condo this meant pairing a scooped lacquer bureau with the cream leather headboard in the master bedroom and accenting with a gray-periwinkle blue ceiling that brought the sky into the space.

Thoughtful selections add contrast to the comfort

“An Ikat pattern, a leather and linen stripe and an iridescent metallic silk all work harmoniously as pillow fabrics,” says Barnum, swiss replica watches “while a cut, midnight blue velvet in a classic Asian cloud motif on the dining chairs brings the accent across the room.” Details played an important part in the overall design scheme of the condo, with a 100 percent recycled “Rock Candy” glass lamp adding sparkle to the living room and a large antique tin mirror reflecting the views of Boston Harbor and South Boston from above the sofa. The luxurious Argentinean shearling carpet in chocolate brown gives the appearance of fur while being “green,” and the credenza, with its hammered steel and carved wood, lends a tribal feel to the space.

Lawton is also an avid art collector, and while the view alone could be the main focus, Barnum carefully curated the pieces to best express the homeowner’s personality and fit with the design. “For 20 years I have stood by the mantra that one good painting and one good case piece will carry a room,” replica watches uk says Barnum, who by keeping the color scheme light allowed for a natural backdrop for the oil paintings, lithographs and photography carefully collected over the years.

“It’s a space that I love being in when I’m home alone, and also when I amreplica watches entertaining a number of guests,” says Lawton contently. “It fits both scenarios nicely.”