Nature Nurture: Wall Coverings Inspired by the Outdoors

A new wave of wall coverings brings the outside in.

By Anna Kasabian | Above photo by Brad Knipstein, design by De Gournay

So often we site our homes and lay out our rooms to capture the natural views that surround. But if we face the challenge of a room missing light or pleasing views, not to worry.

Scenic murals can bring light and color into our spaces. Whether we choose to wrap our walls in a lush tropical garden, a tranquil, historic country scene, or a repetitive pattern of dragonflies, we can ease ourselves into a decompression zone rich with fantasy.

De Gournay | Photo by Marili Forastieri

The choices are robust and free us to create beautiful micro-escapes within our home. Here is a selection of some of the rich, colorful and unusual wall covering choices that are available:

Brunschwig & Fils’ hand-painted wallpapers take you round the world in numerous themes—from India to lush, tropical forests. Available at Lee Jofa, Boston Design Center.

De Gournay provides a take-your-breath-away selection of hand-painted murals and patterned wallpaper and panels—from shimmering fish (pictured, right: “Fish’s Design”) to stunning garden patterns woven with butterflies in flight and perching tropical birds in “Amazonia.” Available through Webster & Co., Boston Design Center.

Harlequin’s choices are eclectic and bold with lots of punchy colors in their nature-themed patterns. Two that happen to be more serene are “Cranes in Flight,” and “Demoiselle,” a calming pattern of dragon flies. The Standing Ovation collection offers 40 patterns that move from dense, colorful florals to subtle silhouettes of florals and trees. Available at The Martin Group, Boston Design Center.

Susan Harter

MJ Atelier offers a hand-sculpted wall covering in a variety of formats, including scenic Chinoiserie, Art Deco and mid-century modern. Designs can be created as large panels. From “Papillons,” butterflies in flight, to the grove of trees in “Traditional Chinioiserie,” their work is often ethereal and always elegant. Available through Webster & Co., Boston Design Center.

Susan Harter creates dreamy, soft-lined watercolor-toned murals that recall country roads or a grove of trees, in a selection of color themes to align with your room’s palette. Murals are printed on museum-quality canvas and use archival inks. Available through Webster & Co., Boston Design Center.


Paul Montgomery Fine Murals: Hand-painted on silk, metal leaf and Tea Papers. Chinoiseries Collection: Ashford Garden (pictured above) Panoramics Collection: Low Country

Griffin & Wong: Custom, hand-painted around-the-world scenes on silk

Thibaut: Spring Lake Collection

Fornasetti: Nuvolette, Malachite, Acquario motifs

Gracie: Hand-painted murals, formal in style

Paul Montgomery Fine Murals

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