Seaport Shutter Company

Perfecting the art of customization

By Stacey Marcus

For those of you who think Seaport Shutter Company is a Cape Cod showroom in Brewster that creates only custom exterior and interior shutters, we have some news. Along with custom shutters, Seaport Shutter Company manufactures a wide range of custom products including mahogany screen and storm doors, Adirondack chairs and mahogany signs. While it is true that Seaport Shutter has a showroom in Brewster, it also has a sales office in Natick and a production facility in Chatham. The team travels well beyond the Cape, ships products across the country and excels at the art of customization.

Cape Cod map cutout in Eastham

Take a moment to meet two clients. The first one, Kevin Seth, owns a summer home in Chatham and a year-round residence in New Canaan, Connecticut. Seaport Shutter created custom mahogany screen/storm doors for both residences. After a massive renovation of his family’s home in Chatham, Seth had Seaport Shutter create doors adorned with gilded appliqués of striped bass and the nautical coordinates of the Chatham property.

After renovating his primary, Connecticut residence, Seth decided to jettison its old aluminum doors and replace them with Seaport Shutter doors to maximize the view and light in his center-entrance colonial. “The [Seaport Shutter] team came out and measured all six doors, then came back and stayed in a local bed-and-breakfast until they finished the project. They did a spectacular job,!” says Seth, who adores the gilded apple tree appliqué that was custom made to celebrate the dozen apple trees growing in his backyard.

Another client reports that when he drove by a neighbor’s home in Eastham he fell in love with the custom mahogany screen door and nautical cutout and inquired who had made it. “Seaport Shutter came right out and measured and we decided on a cutout starfish for our custom door,” says the client. A year later when the client lost a shutter at his Beacon Hill brownstone, he remembered that Seaport Shutter did a lot of work on Beacon Hill and understood the nuances of working in a historic district. “It made me breathe a little easier when the owner of the company came out and personally measured,” says the client, who, to fit in with the neighborhood, replaced six pairs of shutters with the Olde Style shutter—a historic style commonly found on Beacon Hill and one that Seaport Shutter recommended.

Seaport Shutter’s Olde Style shutters grace a Beacon Hill brownstone.

“We pride ourselves on offering ‘Architecturally Correct Shutters,’ which is our registered trademark,” says Sales Director Lauren Huard. “Measuring is critical because more times than not, shutters are measured incorrectly for the window size and also installed upside down,” adds Huard.

She notes that Seaport Shutter Company’s Brewster showroom sits in the town’s historic district, so they have extensive experience working with the historic commission. “Whether it is on Main Street in Sandwich or Joy Street in Beacon Hill, Seaport Shutter can create shop drawings that meet the board’s approval and can paint in any historic color that fits the requirements of the neighborhood,” says Huard.

Recently Seaport Shutter was contacted by a college in a historic neighborhood in Boston that wanted to install exterior shutters on the property. Initially, the historic board turned down the request because they believed that the building never had shutters. The team at Seaport Shutter helped find an old photograph of the existing building showing that in fact the building did once have shutters. The college’s request was then granted by the board and Seaport Shutter made and installed custom shutters on the property, replicating a look from more than 70 years ago.

In order to accommodate its expansion, Seaport Shutter recently hired three additional employees to work in the Brewster and Chatham workshops, opening more doors of opportunity.

A door on the Seths’ New Canaan, Conn., house has a custom gilded apple tree appliqué.

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