By bringing lighting down off the ceiling…it’s like being bathed in a warm glow.

Recessed lighting may be allthe rage, but for lighting that’s both warm and flattering, homeowners may want to rethink relying on recessed and turn on a few table lamps. The selection pictured here, all from Ramson House in Providence, is just a fraction of the inventory at the longtime decorators’ favorite.



By bringing lighting down offthe ceiling, with lamps situated so the shades are at just about eye level, it’s like being bathed in a warm glow rather than being subjected to a harsh, interrogator-esque type of light. The choice is clear.

Lamps aren’t the only thingavailable at Ramsom House; they also specialize in lampshades. As we see in the photos at the lower left, a lamp can go from not-so-spectacular to smashing simply by replacing the shade.

Ramson House also carries afull line of wall sconces, chandeliers and ceiling fixtures: In fact, they carry just about anything you could possibly want to light up your house.